How To Create An Online Course, Even If You’re Not Tech Savvy

Create An Online Course

Do you want to create an online course but dealing with all the tech stuff is freaking you out? In this post, you’re going to learn how to get an online course up and running no matter how bad you are at technology. This all becomes possible thanks to the great all-in-one platform Kajabi. But we’ll get to it later in the post. So, what do you need to do to get your online course up and ready to sell in as little time as possible?

1. Plan Your Course

First off, you need to plan your course by creating a course framework. In this post, we’re not focusing on choosing the right niche, audience, and subject for your course. We’ll assume you already know all of this and just want to put everything together and create your online course.

What you need to do within this step is to create an outline which you can follow when you record your course.

The first step is to write down everything you want to teach in your course. You can use just a sheet of paper, a text document on your computer or some chart tools like

After you write down everything you have in mind, you need to group together similar subjects. These groups will form modules of your future course. The optimal length of the course is usually 3-5 modules.

Once you have your modules mapped out, you can add in what you’re actually going to teach about each subject in the modules.

For example, let’s say you want to create an online course on building confidence. You might have twenty subjects you want to teach like body language, affirmations, dealing with negative self-talk, etc.

Then you would group those subjects into modules and add supporting materials.

It would look something like this:

Module 1: Finding the reason for your confidence issues

  • Negative self-talk 
  • Negative experiences
  • Living in the past or future
  • How to develop a positive attitude 

Module 2: Dealing with Negative Beliefs

  • What are negative beliefs 
  • How to define your negative beliefs
  • 13 ways to deal with negative beliefs

Once you have such a framework created, you can move to the next step.

2. Record Your Course

Recording your course follow the principle – better done than perfect. You don’t need to be a pro in video recording and editing to record your course.

You also don’t need a professional setup or equipment to create your online course. Of course, if you already have the skills and tools this gives you an advantage. Nevertheless, it’s not required for your course’s launch.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Video camera
    As mentioned, you don’t need something fancy to start. Just make sure the camera you’re using can record videos in high enough resolution.
  • Lighting
    Lighting is something you should invest some money in if you don’t have any professional lights. You don’t want to have dark badly lit videos because this makes them look unprofessional.
  • Green screen
    The green screen is the key to high production value as it will allow you to swap out the background for any image you want and will make it easier to add images, graphics, and so on. Although, if you aren’t ready to invest in a green screen at the moment, find a neutral background with some canvas or shelves behind you to record your videos.
  • Video editing software
    You’ll need to do some video editing to cut some parts of the videos or add some elements. There is a lot of software out there which lets you do video editing. Depending on your skill level pick the one that will fit your needs.

3. Use Kajabi Platform To Create Your Online Course

This step is the one most people struggle with as it seems too advanced and complicated.

Getting your course online where people can access it.

If you struggle with technology this task can seem both simple and impossible.

Just uploading the course to your website doesn’t seem right. Moreover, you’ll need to with things like uploading your video onto different platforms. And what if you don’t have a website?

Not to mention if you want to sell or market the course down the line.

The simple solution for this issue is to use an online course platform. In our opinion, Kajabi is the #1 online course platform out there.

This online course platform provides everything you need to create a complete web presence in addition to hosting of your online course.

Even if you suck with technology, you’ll easy figure out how to use the platform.

It’s basically a drag and drop system, with premade templates for webpages, one-click video hosting and much more. You can read more about online course creation features in Kajabi in our recent blog post.

With Kajabi you have the tools to create a complete online presence. No coding or tech skills required.

What’s even better you can start a FREE 28-day trial of Kajabi today, test the functionality of the platform yourself and see how easy the technology can be.

In Conclusion: Overview Of What You Need To Create An Online Course

If you follow the steps mentioned in the post you can create your online course within a record time.

Plan your course. Write down everything you want to teach, group the info into modules then add content.

Record your videos keeping in mind that they don’t need to be highly professional. Make sure that the quality of the videos is high enough and you have proper lighting. Think about what software you want to use to edit your videos.

Build your course using Kajabi. The platform will easily get your course uploaded and ready to sell.

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