How To Create An Irresistible Offer

Create an offer

The secret to successfully selling your product or service is to create an offer around it.

This way you aren’t only selling one thing but also complement it with some products or services that solve follow-up problems your core product creates for your customers.

But how do you create an offer that your customers will be eager to buy? What should you include in the offer stack? In this post, you’ll find answers to these questions.

In “Expert Secrets” book, Russell Brunson shares 6 types of elements that make your offer irresistible for your prospects. Let’s have a closer look at them!

1. A product That Creates The Core Of Your Offer

This is the central product or service you’re going to offer to your audience.

Using Russell’s concepts, it shouldn’t be an improvement offer but a new opportunity you would present to your prospects.

If you want to learn more about the difference between those concepts, we’re recommending you to get a FREE copy of “Expert Secrets” and dive in.

2. The Tools

Think about what tools you can give to your customers to help them succeed with your core product. How can you help them to cut the learning curve or reach the progress faster?

A tool can be something complex, such as software, or something more simple, such as a checklist, template, swipe file and so on.

This part of your offer should be a tangible asset that makes it easier to digest or implement the core product/service.

Some more examples of the tools are scripts, templates, cheat sheets, schedules and so on.

Tools often have a high perceived value that’s why it’s worth investing some time to create something attractive.

3. Tangible #1

Create and use this element of your offer to break false beliefs of your prospects about the opportunity you’re presenting to them.

Think about what prejudices your audience may have related to your offer. What would keep them from believing that what you’re offering is right for them? What tangible can you create to change their beliefs?

Russell is talking about case studies in his example. If his core product were about flipping houses on eBay, he’d provide case studies of his students having success with this.

That would be in the form of a booklet or videos proving that his offer is indeed working.

The more belief you’re able to create in your prospects, the more likely they will be able to achieve success.

4. Tangible #2

When you helped your prospects believe your offer is the right way for them, they still may have doubts and false beliefs about themselves.

What internal struggles may your prospects have? What makes them think that they can’t succeed?

Based on this, you need to create something specific to help them overcome those false beliefs about themselves.

Sometimes this can be specific training supplementing your core product. It could also be tangible tools or templates that will give your prospects confidence in themselves.

5. Tangible #3

You need to create this element of your offer to help your audience overcome external struggles.

People can believe that your offer is right for them and that they can succeed but there are external circumstances that are keeping them from it.

This can be a lack of time, lack of money, lack of required expertise, etc. It can be anything else that people think is outside their direct control.

Think about what’s holding people back from achieving success with your main offer. Then create something to help eliminate or minimize that excuse.

6. Exclusive Bonus

This element of your offer will help to create urgency and persuade more people to buy.

It can be something exclusive for the first 10 people who buy your product/service. Or for those who buy till a particular deadline.

You can give them access to an accountability group, a consultation or something else similar to that.

Having all the above-mentioned elements included in your offer will make sure you created an irresistible offer for your audience.

Selling not just one product or service but an offer stack increases the perceived value of your offer and makes people more likely to buy it.