How To Create A Webinar That Converts

How To Create Webinar

In our digital marketing world, there are many solutions to convert your prospects into buyers. New approaches to marketing strategies appear on a regular basis. The question you may ask yourself: how can my company’s strategy stand out? Here’s one proven way: interact with your customers in real time with a webinar. In this post, I’ll share how you can create a webinar and leverage its power to convert viewers into buyers.

A webinar is indeed an effective tool you should try out to turn potential customers into buyers through the live engagement with them. According to a study carried out by GoToWebinar, your audience interacts longer with a webinar than any other type of content. Of course, to use the full potential of webinars, you need to prepare, practice and deliver value.

What Is A Webinar?

Before I go into details about how you can create a webinar, let’s start with the basics. So, what is the webinar?

A webinar is basically a video seminar or presentation used to educate, train or promote products or services. They vary in length but the usual duration is around 60 minutes. The participants may view the webinar live or in the recording.

Webinars help companies to showcase their expertise to customers, build the relationship and trust. Quite often webinars are used as a lead magnet for the audience. In this case, the presenter shares some valuable information during the webinar but also promotes their products or services. When done properly, webinars have great conversion rates which are much higher than the one from a regular sales copy. That’s one of the reasons you should create your own webinar, so let’s see how you can do this.

How To Create A Webinar?

First of all, you need to set a goal of what you want to accomplish with your webinar. In a lot of cases, the purpose will be to provide some valuable content but also pitch your audience. Remember that your script shouldn’t be too pushy – people don’t like if you only sell to them. Deliver truly valuable information on the topic of the webinar as you probably promised your audience during the promotion. If your viewers learn something useful from your webinar they’re more likely to buy from you as they know that you’re providing qualitative content.

The topic of your webinar should be related to the product or service you promote. Therefore, during the webinar, you outline the most important aspects and share value. Then, if your viewers want to learn more on the topic, you give them a possibility to purchase your offer. The secret on how to create a successful webinar is to provide tons of value to your viewers.

Next, you’ll need to pick a webinar hosting system that will broadcast your webinar. Check out GoToWebinar or Zoom which are popular and well-performing solutions. Take this part of the preparation seriously! Before you deliver your webinar to the audience, test the hosting system, your internet connection, microphone, webcam and any other tools you’re using. It’s even worth to rehearse a couple of times before you go live to your audience.

At the agreed time, you’d present your webinar live to the viewers. In the end, you may conduct an interactive question and answer session to cover the questions from your audience.

Best Practices To Create A Converting Webinar

If your goal isn’t only to provide value but also make sales, keep in mind the following tips on how to create a converting webinar.

1. Promote your webinar often and early enough

You should start promoting your webinar at least two weeks before the allotted date. You can promote it organically to your existing following or drive additional traffic with ads and reach more potential customers.

Moreover, you can set up a perfect webinar funnel with the help of ClickFunnels in less than one day. ClickFunnels provides battle-tested templates for webinars where you only have to change the copy and images. In this case, you can drive traffic with Facebook ads to the opt-in page of your webinar funnel.

By the way, if you decide to use ads don’t turn them off on the day of the event. According to research, around 29% of webinar attendees sign up on the day of the presentation.

2. Provide valuable content

The best way to provide value to your audience is to solve a problem your viewers face. Your content will be compelling if you give actionable advice on how your viewers can find the solution for their problem. By the way, the product or service you promote at the end of the webinar may be a part of the solution. And if you show it to your viewers they’ll be willing to buy it.

Besides the value you’re going to provide to your viewers, the script of your webinar should also be compelling and engaging. If you’re unsure how to create your webinar copy and what phrasings to use, the Perfect Webinar script from Funnel Scripts will be helpful for you. This script was crafted and refined during a lot of webinars and proved to be high-converting.

3. Prepare follow-ups emails

Now, when you know how to create a webinar, make sure you take care of your viewers after they attended your webinar. You probably don’t want to lose traction with potential customers. Therefore, prepare an email sequence you’ll send in the next couple of days after the webinar.

Make your emails valuable and don’t pitch anything directly. Follow-up emails are a great way to keep the momentum going in converting potential customers into buyers.

Have you already tried carrying out webinars for your audience? How did you like this experience? Share in the comments!

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