How To Create A New Opportunity Offer For Your Audience

New opportunity offer

In one of the recent posts, we described the difference between an improvement offer and a new opportunity.

Simply put, an improvement offer means exploring existing products on the market and creating something better. A new opportunity is creating something innovative and outperforming all competitors.

People are more willing to buy new opportunity offers because those become a new discovery for them and basically promise “greener pastures”.

So, how do you create a new opportunity?

Creating The New Opportunity Offer

There are multiple ways to create improvement offers but there are only two ways to come up with a new opportunity offer. They are Opportunity Switch and Opportunity Stack.

1. Opportunity Switching

All your prospects have some goals and desire to achieve them. Most likely, they’ve already tried to get those results through some other vehicle or tools.

So, the opportunity switch will mean that you take them out of the vehicle they’re currently using and give them a new one, your new opportunity.

Let’s imagine, your prospects are trying to lose weight creating a calorie deficit. So, you could offer them switching to something new, like the keto diet.

This way you’re switching them from one niche to another giving them a new dream to move forward.

In some cases, it’s actually switching from one submarket to another. For example, moving them from making income in real estate, to making their income through internet marketing.

2. Opportunity Stacking

After someone has made the switch into your new opportunity offer, all future sales to that prospect should become an opportunity stack.

You wouldn’t want to switch your prospects from one opportunity offer to another because it can cause confusion. However, you can create an opportunity stack within the new opportunity they’ve just joined.

To do so, you should look for the other new opportunities within the opportunity you’ve just offered, that will help you to serve your audience at a higher level.

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