How To Come Up With A Lead Magnet For Your Funnel

Lead Magnet

A lead magnet is an incentive or “ethical bribe” you may use to get leads into your funnel and convince them to give you their contact information. They are very popular nowadays and you see them everywhere online in the form of discounts, eBooks, checklists, webinars, etc.

A Lead Magnet Consists Of 3 Parts

A lead magnet isn’t just a simple giveaway. Besides considering what to give away, you’ll need to create a page that will promote your lead magnet and collect contact information. This type of page is often called a squeeze page and you can build it with less than an hour using Clickfunnels.

You’ll also need to drive traffic to your squeeze page and promote your lead magnet. Without traffic, your lead magnet won’t work as supposed.

Therefore, to build a powerful lead magnet you’ll need a freebie, a squeeze page, and traffic to your page. In one of my recent posts, I was writing about building a lead generation funnel for small local businesses. In the example from the post, a free guide for home buyers/seller was used as an incentive on a squeeze page.

What To Use As An Incentive?

It seems that nowadays people tend to like quick solutions and answers. Thus, if you’re luring them with “7 Most Effective Weight Loss Tips” they expect to get a short brochure with those tips and not a 200-page guide which they’ll never read. That said, keep it simple, short but informative.

1. Coupon / Discount

A discount can attract people to your funnel and persuade them to make a purchase. In a lot of cases, it can be the deciding factor for your potential customers between buying from you or one of your competitors.

2. Checklist

A checklist can be a great lead magnet, if there is some sort of process that can by systematized and helpful to your audience.

For example, to publish a post you should follow particular steps and meet some requirements to ensure your post is optimized for search engine. If you only start writing a blog post it’s easy to miss something out. That’s why a “publishing” checklist could be helpful to you.

3. eBook

Remember, your potential customers want to get their answers quickly. So, if you decide to choose an eBook as your lead magnet don’t make it long but provide a lot of value.

4. Free Trial

Free trials of your product/ service can work wonderfully. Gyms can give away a free monthly membership or free personal training. This also goes great with subscription-based software. You can give your leads a week/month of free trial to learn how amazing your software is. If during this trial they have access to all the necessary features of your software, they probably will like it to see how valuable it is. So, at the end of a trial, they’ll most likely to pay for a subscription.

5. Webinar

Webinars are also quite popular nowadays. Even if you make a free webinar for your potential customers, you can promote the next step of your value ladder there. This way the attendants of the webinar will learn something from you and you get a possibility to sell your product/service.

What’s is also great, you can also automate webinars, which enables you to record them once to be used again and again.

Developing a lead magnet doesn’t have to be too time consuming or difficult. It’s not a “the bigger the better” type of thing. For example, a 100 page eBook – might not do as well as a one-page checklist. Be specific, deliver immediate gratification and valuable information. Following these simple principles will contribute to the success of your lead magnet.