How To Change URL In ClickFunnels

How To Change URL In ClickFunnels

In this article, you will learn something that every ClickFunnels user should eventually learn and understand. We’ll talk about how to use and change URL (namely, paths) in ClickFunnels and why there may be random characters appended to your path.

Here’s what we’re going to cover in this article:

  1. Types of paths in ClickFunnels
  2. How to change URL in ClickFunnels

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Types Of Paths In ClickFunnels

The paths in ClickFunnels are located and can be changed in three different places:

  • Funnel URL
  • Funnel Step URL
  • Split Test URL.

The Funnel URL is used to send traffic to your funnel. This URL will always take visitors to the first step of your funnel.

This path identifies the whole funnel, and you, most likely, will not use it very often. It’s relevant if you have multiple funnels at the same domain. In this case, you can use your domain and path with a slash between them to go to the first step of the particular funnel.

If you use this path for your Facebook ads, you can change and rearrange your funnel steps. At the same time, your URL will always work and always point to the first funnel step.

The Funnel Step URL is the URL for each individual step of your funnel. And the Split Test URL is the URL your customers will see in their browsers.

How To Change URL In ClickFunnels

The most important thing you need to understand about paths in ClickFunnels that they have to be unique within your whole account. If it is not unique, the system will automatically add random letters and digits to it to make it unique. 

So, if you have one page called /home in your homepage funnel, and another page in a sales funnel that you also call /home, the newer page will get random characters appended.

Therefore, you need to make sure that each path you use is unique within your account. Otherwise, you’ll always have random characters at the end of your path.

Now, when you understand how paths in ClickFunnels work, let’s see how you can change the URLs and get rid of annoying random characters in the end.

You can watch our video with a detailed walkthrough or read the explanation below.

Change Path In The Funnel URL

  • From within your funnel, navigate to the funnel Settings.
  • Update the Path.
  • Scroll to the bottom.
  • Click on Save And Update Settings.
Change Path In The Funnel URL in ClickFunnels

To get the URL of your funnel, click on the Copy URL icon at the top of your funnel. You should use this URL in your ads or when you share your funnel because it’ll always lead to the first step of your funnel. Nevertheless, you’ll be able to change the structure, content, and paths of the other funnel steps without influencing the links in your ads.

Change Path In The Funnel Step URL

When you go to one of your funnel steps, you’ll notice that the path you have there, is the path that’s set in the Publishing tab of the funnel step. It actually identifies the funnel step.

It’s crucial to understand, that it doesn’t identify the page that the user will see, but only the funnel step.

Now, when you open the step by clicking on the Arrow icon on the right side of the URL bar, you may notice that it still shows a different path. The reason for this is the path in the Split Test Settings (see the next section).

Nevertheless, here’s the way to change the path on the Funnel Step level:

  • From within your funnel, select the step in the funnel that you would like to update.
  • Click on the Gear icon next to the funnel step URL.
  • Update the Path.
  • Click on Update Funnel Step.
Change Path In The Funnel Step

Change Path In The Split Test URL

The third location where your path is situated is the Split Test Settings of each of your pages. Even if you don’t run a split test, you’ll still have Split Test settings.

If you’re running a split test, you’ll use paths in the Split Test settings to identify different variations of your page. For example, you can create paths /squeeze-page-variation-a and /squeeze-page-variation-b.

To change the path on this level of your funnel:

  • From within your funnel, select the step in the funnel that you would like to update.
  • Click on the Gear icon next to Edit Page.
  • Update the Path.
  • Click on Update Page.
Change Path In The Split Test Settings

In Conclusion

Let’s sum up how paths work in ClickFunnels! On top, you have your funnel URL, the path that identifies your funnel. It’s followed by the actual path of the funnel step which then loads the funnel control page or the variation of the page if you’re running a split test.

If you still have questions left you can submit them here, and we’ll be happy to answer them and help you out. For more useful technical tips, join our Facebook group.