How To Be Persuasive In Sales

How To Be Persuasive In Sales

A lot of people think that persuasion is a shady tactic that involves convincing people to buy something they don’t want to. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Persuasion is about getting emotional engagement with other people. The art of persuasion is a very useful skill for salespeople. Learning how to be more persuasive in sales leads to more success and closed deals.

In the book The One Sentence Persuasion Course, Blair Warren explains different persuasion techniques. Blair was studying and using persuasion over a decade. He thinks that the secret of persuasion boils down to one simple sentence:

People will do anything for those who encourage their dreams, justify their failures, allay their fears, confirm their suspicions, and help them throw rocks at their enemies.

Using these principles you’ll build immense rapport with your potential customers and be more persuasive in sales. Therefore, they’ll be willing to buy more from you. In fact, it’s not the quality or characteristics of the product that make people buy but your attractive character and your emotional connection with them. I was writing more about motives that make people buy in my recent post – check it out here!

Encourage Their Dreams

You need to understand your potential customers’ dreams and desires. This will let you encourage them and assist them with your offers on the way to their dreams. Blair Warren has a great example for this. Parents often discourage their children’s dreams and direct them to more reasonable goals. And children often accept this as normal until others come along who believe in them and encourage their dreams. Then parents will have the way less power than other people.

How To Be Persuasive In Sales By Justify Failures

You most likely won’t be the first person your potential clients buy from. For some reason, their needs weren’t met before. Therefore, you’re the one who shows them a new opportunity. It’s important that you take the blame for past failures off their shoulders and place it onto the old opportunities they tried. While accepting responsibility is crucial if you want to take control over your life, assuring others that they are NOT responsible for their failures is the way to gain influence over them.

Allay Their Fears

Another way to be persuasive is to know how to diminish the fears of your potential buyers. If you can eliminate their fears and give them hope for a better future, they will believe you. Those people who can offer support, help to fight the fears and not just tell to not be afraid get more attraction.

Confirm Their Suspicions

Your audience may be suspicious about something in your market or niche. Use this! They want to believe that a better life is possible but they don’t take actions because of their suspicions. You can help them to overcome this leap. If you confirm their suspicions by telling a story about the same worries you had and how you overcame them, it’ll build a stronger connection with you.

Throw Rocks At Their Enemies

This is a big thing for building a better relationship with your audience. You need to create “Us vs. Them” within your audience and fight a common enemy. Take a stand for what you believe, why you’re different, and who you’re collectively fighting against.

Following the persuasion principles mentioned above will let you build massive rapport with your potential customers. Using them you’ll learn how to be persuasive in sales without being unethical or “salesy”. If you want to learn more about those strategies and how to apply them grab a FREE copy of Expert Secrets book by Russell Brunson.