How To Add Snapchat Lead Tracking To Clickfunnels In 2 Minutes

Add Snapchat lead tracking to Clickfunnels

In this article, we’ll show you the best and easiest way to add Snapchat lead tracking to your Clickfunnels funnels.

You’ll be able to track new leads with Snapchat’s Snap Pixel and decide which Snapchat event you want to trigger for new leads in your funnel.

As it may be challenging for a non-tech person to deal with the custom code and tracking, we’re going to use CF Power Scripts to simplify the setup.

CF Power Scripts is a must-have add-on for Clickfunnels that lets you effortlessly integrate additional features to your funnels that Clickfunnels doesn’t offer out of the box.

So, to add the Snapchat lead tracking to your Clickfunnels funnels, we’re going to use the Snapchat Lead Tracking script from CF Power Scripts. And here’re a few simple steps to set it up!

Adding Snapchat Lead Tracking

Step 1: Add the Snap Pixel script

To set up the Snapchat lead tracking, you first need to add the Snap Pixel script from CF Power Scripts.

Please follow the steps described in our Snap Pixel guide to add the script and then move to Step 2.

Step 2: Add the Snapchat Lead Tracking script

  • Log in to your CF Power Scripts account and head to the Power Scripts tab.
  • Select the funnel where you want to add the Snapchat Lead Tracking script.
  • Click Add New and choose the Snapchat Lead Tracking script.

Scripts from CF Power Scripts

  • Select which event you want to fire when a new lead occurs.
    You can choose any event from the dropdown. Let’s say we choose the Signup event. Now, every time somebody submits the form on our opt-in page or the first step of the two-step order form, it’ll trigger the sign-up event in our Snap Pixel.
  • Click Add Script in the bottom right corner to complete the setup.

Adding Snapchat Lead Tracking to Clickfunnels

Those are simple steps you need to follow to add the Snapchat lead tracking to your funnels.

Similarly, you can use CF Power Scrips to add the Snapchat Conversion Tracking and Custom Event tracking.


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