Perfect Video Length For Social Media

Video Recording

It’s well-known that we have short attention spans and our brain eagerly reacts on the distractions during concentrated work. No wonder, it’s getting hard to keep people’s attention to your video. This has a pretty direct impact on content and video marketing giving us some useful takeaways. One of which is to watch your videos’ length and not to make them too long and boring.

The audience interacts the best with videos with under 2 minutes length

Marketers already carried out researches using the data from social media on how long people interact with videos. I was surprised that the YouTube audience interacts the most with videos under 2 minutes.

It might seem like not enough time to talk about the topic you picked for the video. In fact, such “short” videos can cover a blog post of 1,000 words that might take the average blog visitor around 10 minutes to read.

If you have a tutorial or a huge topic you want to cover in your video, it should not anyway take more than 15 minutes. That’s the time when your audience can perceive information without distraction. Moreover, consider leveraging dynamic graphics and visual storytelling so your audience can quickly grasp your message.

Make content once – publish on several platforms

Recording videos with the length up to 15 minutes you can also upload them on Pinterest to get more organic traffic. Pinterest has the above-mentioned limitation on the video duration. Therefore, to not do the work twice or cut the videos, it’s better to make them optimized for all the platforms you’re going to publish.

After Christian started making sure that his videos are not longer than 15 minutes, we started uploading them to Pinterest. If you’re curious you can check out Supercalifunnelistic board.

Christian doesn’t always shoot videos with the webcam. Short videos on the go is the perfect content for Instagram stories or Twitter. Thanks to this great gimbal which can handle even iPhone XS Max there is no problem with that.

In one of the articles, I discovered that 85% of people watch videos on mute. This meant you needed to ensure they understood each video’s key point without hearing a single word (back to the dynamic graphics).

Videos on social media platforms

On Facebook and Twitter, videos under 1 minute are the most popular and engaging. Not that much time, right! That’s why you should make sure to hook the audience during the first 10 seconds.

Just like writing, a video needs to be as long as it needs to be. It’s safe to assume that your viewers have short attention spans and plenty of distractions. The general guidelines are mentioned above but the ideal length of your videos depends on the content, the context, and the audience. So study your engagement graphs and keep it interesting!