CF Stylebox: Amazing Design Tools For Your Funnel


In this post, we’re going to look at CF Stylebox, the funnel design toolkit for Clickfunnels, so you can decide for yourself if it’s the right tool for you to give your funnels a sleek look.

The visual appearance of your funnel plays an important role and influences the decision of the funnel visitors to go through your funnel or just close the browser tab.

Clickfunnels provides the necessary tools to style your funnel on a basic level. But what if you want to give your funnel a more advanced look? Do you need to hire a designer for this (which is not that cheap)? Or try to figure everything out on your own?

Here is when CF Stylebox comes into play!

That’s what we’re going to cover in this article:

  1. What is CF Stylebox
  2. Who is it for?
  3. What will you get?
  4. Pricing

What Is CF Stylebox

CF Stylebox is one of the must-have Clickfunnels add-ons every Clickfunnels user should be utilizing.

It’s a set of scripts that give you the ability to quickly and easily add high-end design elements to your funnels. It includes 45+ design effects like button, text, image effects, animations, and much more.

You can use CF Stylebox even if you’re not tech-savvy! It’s as simple as copying a few lines of pre-written custom code, paste it into your funnel, and enjoy the result.

In less than 15 minutes, you can make your funnel look more professional and increase the conversion rate.

Who Is it For?

CF Stylebox is the right choice for you if:

  • You’re just starting building funnels and have no design skills.
  • You want your funnels to look professional but don’t want to spend a fortune on a designer.
  • ClickFunnels editor feels limited and you’d like to have more design possibilities for your funnel pages.
  • You tried to use custom CSS but found it confusing and difficult.

If any of the above points are valid for you then CF Stylebox is exactly what you need!

What Will You Get

Here’re some of the features you’ll get when you sign up for CF Stylebox:

  • Soft Pop: adds a soft shadow behind the text to make it pop off the page.
  • Background Glow: transforms an ordinary, flat colored background into a gradient background with a glow radiating out from the center.
  • Customize Google Fonts: allows you to use all the features of Google Fonts and overcome the limitations of the ClickFunnels editor.
  • Glowing Text: creates a soft, lighted glow around the text.
  • 3D Text: makes your text come alive by transforming it into 3D block letters that will grab your customer’s attention.
  • Offer Stack: creates a nicely formatted offer stack. No more headaches trying to get your offer stack aligned and looking nice!
  • Zoom & Pan: allows you to zoom in on an image and pan around the zoomed-in image to get a closer look at the details of the image. Great for an e-commerce funnel!
  • Testimonial Slider: rotates through testimonials, allowing you to display lots of testimonials without taking up lots of space.
  • Testimonials: creates beautifully formatted testimonials to showcase all the great things your customers and clients say about you.

This is only a short list of what you get with CF Stylebox! These scripts will let you have a professional-quality design at a fraction of what you’d pay a designer!

CF Stylebox Pricing

CF Stylebox offers three payment plans at the moment.

  • Monthly plan – $37/mo
  • Lifetime access – $297 one-time payment
  • Lifetime access (3 monthly payments) – 3 payments of $120

On top of that, you can get the Design Tool Styling Training for just $39.97. This training module will have you customizing the design tools like a pro in no time!

If you’re unhappy with CF Stylebox for any reason, you can request a refund with no questions asked within 30 days.

To sum it up, if you want your funnels to look more professional and nice but you don’t want to spend money on a designer, then CF Stylebox is the solution for you!

It’ll let you bring your funnels’ design to the next level, boost your credibility, and increase the conversion!

CF Stylebox F.A.Q.

What is CF Stylebox?

CF Stylebox is a set of scripts that give you an ability to quickly and easily add high-end design elements to your funnels. It includes 45+ design effects like button, text, image effects, animations, and much more.

How much is CF Stylebox?

CF Stylebox offers three payment plans at the moment: monthly plan for $37/mo, the lifetime access for $297 one-time payment, and the lifetime access paid in 3 installments – 3 payments of $120.

Is CF Stylebox worth it?

CF Stylebox lets you have a professional-quality funnel design at a fraction of what you’d pay a designer. If you consider how much time you’d spend trying to figure it out yourself or how much you’d pay a designer, CF Stylebox is definitely worth the investment.