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In our modern world, nobody doubts that an online presence is crucial for a business. If your company is represented online, it becomes easier for your potential customers to find it and review the services you’re offering. Building a website for your real estate business is a great way of growing your brand and generating new leads. Real estate website builders make this whole process very simple.

Website builders save your time because you can build a website for your real estate business within a day. They also save your money as you’d have to spend a couple thousands of dollar if you hired a development team to create a website for you. Moreover, you can use a website builder even if you’re not tech-savvy. Those builders are usually very intuitive and user-friendly.

Nevertheless, one of the major challenges for any broker striking out on their own, or for someone trying to grow an established agency, is making yourself stand out. What if I tell you that a secret for this is to build a lead generation funnel instead of a regular website?

Why Funnels Are Better Than Websites?

When designing your website,  the most important thing to consider is how this website will generate you leads and customers. The most common misconception in website design is to focus your attention on beauty and aesthetics. Although if you have an online business, you have to think about how your website will help you create new customers for you, increase their average cart price and make them buy from you again. Does your website enable you to do those things?

The main goal for your real estate website should be generating more leads and converting prospects into customers. The biggest problem with traditional websites is that your visitors have too many choices to make, and no clear path to follow. If a traditional website is a massive highway with many exits, think of a sales funnels as an easy one-way street. What makes a sales funnel so different from a traditional website is that your traffic only has one way to go and one task to focus on. A sales funnel contains no outside links or distractions; each page presents one objective, and the visitor either completes it or leaves. All traffic is moving towards purchasing, and by removing distractions, your traffic can focus on your offer, which will ultimately lead to more conversions.

That said, instead of building a website for your real estate business, I’d suggest you use the best funnel builder ClickFunnels out there and build a funnel.

Your Real Estate Funnel

In case you didn’t know, funnels outperform regular websites and generate 6X more leads and sales. So, how will a lead generation funnel for your real estate business be structured?

This particular funnel starts with a home page because it has two flows – for home buyers and home sellers with different freebies we’ll give away later.

Real Estate Funnel_Home Page

Depending on your funnel visitors’ goal, they will pick a flow for home buyers or sellers and go to the next page. On the next page, they’ll take a quiz with the questions about their dream house.

Real Estate Funnel_Buyer's quiz

Now, when you have the answers to the questions, you know what house your prospects are looking for or own and want to sell. You can compile a list of offers which fit the requirements and share it with your them after they went through the funnel.

On the next page of the funnel, you ask for the contact information of your potential customers so you can send them the listing of the houses that match their criteria. Moreover, you offer them an incentive to increase the chance they fill in their contact information. In our example, the incentive is a free Homebuyers’ or Homesellers’ guide and checklist. People just love free offers! Nevertheless, it should be valuable that’s why put some thought into it, do some research on what your competitors may offer. And make it better!

Real Estate Funnel_Contact info page

You can create content for such a guide on your own or hire a freelancer on Fiverr, for example. The cover for the guide can also be easily designed in Canva within a short time. Or you come up with another freebie which you think, will be more valuable for your audience.

The last page of the funnel is a “Thank You” page which your leads will see after they fill in their contact information. Here you confirm that you’re sending them a freebie they claimed on the previous page and the list of houses matching their requirements.

Real Estate Funnel_Thank You Page

Get Your Funnel Template

The funnel I described above was built with the help of ClickFunnels, the best funnel builder out there. It’s possible to create this kind of a funnel within a day. Although you don’t need to do this! You can get this proven and battle-tested funnel template for FREE! All is left to do for you is to update the text and images.

Moreover, ClickFunnels offers a FREE 14-day trial. Therefore, you can create your own funnel using the template, see how it performs and even cancel your account with no strings attached if you feel that this approach isn’t for you. Although I doubt that will be the case!


What If You’re Not A Tech Guy

Like any website builder, ClickFunnels is truly easy to use no matter if you’re building a funnel for real estate or any other niche. If you’re still worried that you don’t have enough technical background, we’ve got you covered. We prepared the whole playlist of step-by-step video tutorials on how to set everything up, build or customize your funnel. It can’t be simpler – just follow the instructions in the videos.

In Conclusion

As a real estate agent, you definitely would want to be present online to reach more prospects. Using a website builder for your real estate business instead of paying a development team is a wise solution because:

  • you’ll save money
  • it’ll save a lot of your time
  • you can make adjustments on your own, any time without paying additionally.

Although, building a funnel for your real estate business will have a better effect. Funnels outperform regular websites and generate 6X more leads and sales. You can easily build a real estate funnel with the help of ClickFunnels using our FREE template. All you need to do is to customize the copy and images. The technical aspects won’t be an issue because firstly, ClickFunnels is very intuitive funnel/website builder. Secondly, you can watch the tutorials we prepared for you and apply them to your funnel.

Many businesses nowadays leverage the power of funnels to generate leads and sales. Don’t waste your time and let your business benefit from it too.

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