9 Types Of Social Proof To Use In Your Sales Funnel

Add Social Proof To Sales Funnel

In this article, you’ll learn how to use social proof in your sales funnels to boost opt-in and conversion rates

Social proof is a powerful tool that a lot of marketers are using nowadays. It’s based on the fact that people tend to copy the action of others when they need to make a decision.

That’s why when they consider buying a product, they read reviews, check out testimonials, endorsements, etc.

You may be surprised, but 61% of customers read online reviews before they decide to purchase a product or service. So, you can leverage this by collecting and showing social proof to your potential customers.

It’ll show your potential customers that others trust your brand and consider your product/service worth buying. As a result, they’re willing to purchase it.

There’re a few types of social proof that you can use in your sales funnels.

1. Text Testimonials

Testimonials from your existing customers are extremely powerful social proof.

Your customers can share how much they love your product on social media or platforms like TrustPilot or Google Reviews. So don’t hesitate to get permission from an author and use the feedback on your sales funnel.

You can paste a quote together with a picture and name of your customer (if you got the permission) or even add a screenshot of the testimonial to your funnel page.

2. Video Testimonials

Video testimonials may require a bit more effort from your customers to create but they also have a bigger effect on your potential buyers. This kind of testimonials is more authentic and therefore creates more trust.

So if any of your clients agree to record video testimonials for you, don’t forget to place them on your funnel page (if you get permission for this).

3. Ratings And Reviews

If you sell your product on other websites, for example, Amazon, where customers can leave a rating for your product, your sales funnel can benefit from it.

If somebody leaves a 5-star rating for your product on Amazon, you can take a screenshot and use it as social proof in your funnel.

4. Badges

If you or your product won any awards, got some certifications, seals, or badges, you may want to place them on your sales funnel.

This kind of social proof helps to establish credibility for your product, and make people assume that you offer a great product. Otherwise, you’d not win any awards.

5. Media Logos

Another type of social proof you can use in your funnels is media mentions. You might see it on a lot of websites in the form of the “As Seen In” section.

If your product was featured or reviewed in one of the prominent news media, you show it on your sales funnel by using logos of the media outlets.

People believe that if a product drew the attention of the media, then it’s worth their attention as well.

6. Influencer Endorsement

The reason why social proof works so great is that people imitate the actions of others. And the people we respect or consider authorities have the strongest influence on our decisions.

That’s why an endorsement from an influencer in your niche is a stone-solid social proof you can use in your sales funnel.

If an influencer in your niche recommends your product, a lot of people who consider him/her an authority will follow the advice and check out your product.

7. Users Count

The fact that a large group of people is using or recommending your product implies “so many people can’t be wrong”. That’s why your prospects will assume that if a crowd uses the product, it should be good.

You can leverage this by showing a number of your users, clients, members, product purchases, subscribers, etc.

Phrases like “Most popular product”, “Most customers choose”, “X users all over the world” also do the trick and are extremely persuasive.

8. Clients

You can share your clients’ logos (especially if you got well-known companies as clients) to build even more credibility and trust.

When your prospects see that other companies trust your product/service they’ll be more likely to follow.

Together with the clients’ logos, you can share testimonials from them.

9. Social Proof Notifications

Another popular social proof type you could notice on other funnels is the pop-up notifications that show who recently opted in on the funnel or bought a particular product. Those notifications have the potential to boost your opt-in and conversion rates!

When somebody lands on your funnel page, they’ll see in real-time that other people are opting in or buying your product, meaning it’s worth doing for them too.

Not only can you show recent opt-ins and purchases. Some tools allow you to show short testimonials, the number of live visitors of your funnel, page visits, or even some information of your choice.

Some funnel-building software, like Clickfunnels, have a native feature to add social proof pop-ups to your order form pages. Otherwise, you can use third-party tools to easily add the pop-ups to your funnel.

Some popular tools that offer integration of such social proof pop-ups are Proof and Provely. You can also check the full list of social proof tools that you can use for your funnels.

These types of social proof have a great chance to skyrocket the conversion of your funnel! If you aren’t using any social proof yet, give it a try. You’ll be surprised by the results!


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