7 Ways To Drive Organic Traffic To Your Offer

Drive Organic Traffic

Like it or not, traffic is crucial for every business. You need it to keep your business up and running and develop further. It doesn’t matter whether you’re trying to leverage paid or organic traffic, it may be not easy and quite overwhelming.

Paid traffic usually brings faster results but converts at a lower rate than organic traffic. Paid traffic is a quite fast solution (after you figured out the right ads and audience) which reminds a faucet that you can turn on and off. Organic traffic is exactly the opposite. It takes more time and effort to gain it but once you hit the right spot, it almost doesn’t stop.

In this post, I’m going to share with you the ways to drive organic traffic to your offer. They’re proven to work IF you’re ready to put some effort and stay consistent without expecting immediate results. So, let’s get straight to that!

1. Start YouTube Channel

YouTube is a platform with a huge audience and the world’s second most popular search engine after Google. By putting valuable content out there, you can build an audience and drive an endless amount of organic traffic to your offer. Besides documenting your journey with the help of vlogs you can create some tutorials and teach users something you’re good at.

2. Create A Podcast To Drive Organic Traffic To Your Offer

First of all, your podcast will help you to grow your audience which will follow you through your journey, celebrate your wins and support you if you encounter some failures. Moreover, people get to know and understand you better. This forms a kind of bond and trust between you and your audience. It means that if later you recommend or promote a product or offer, people will be more likely to buy.

So, if you don’t want to put effort into creating videos for YouTube, a podcast may be a better choice for you! Don’t worry if, in the beginning, your episodes will suck. It’s okay, keep going! With every recording, you’ll get better and more confident till at some point you’ll find your voice.

3. Start A Blog

Blogging is another way to drive organic traffic to your offers. If written well, your content will bring you followers and leads even in a couple of years after you publish a blog post. Think about what content may be valuable for your audience and what relates to your offers, then write a post on this topic. Don’t forget to make keyword research before you start writing and optimize your content for the keywords you pick.

Once you publish the article, create a way to get it out to people so they can read it. Here are some ways how you can do this:

  • share a link to the post on your social media channels;
  • send out in your email newsletter;
  • send it out to your partners and ask if they’d be willing to share;
  • go to Quora, find questions that match with your article, and refer people to check it out;
  • import it to Medium so its community can read it as well;
  • share the post on your personal LinkedIn profile.

4. Create A Facebook Group

Facebook Groups are another chance to develop an immense following and drive organic traffic to your offers. It’s a place where you can provide value, give guidance to group members and build rapport with them.

Your group members become your target audience and the group itself — a perfect place to share any type of link and promotion as long as it provides value. When the trust between you and your audience already exists it’s easy to promote them any offer you decide to. However, it doesn’t mean that you should just spam your group members with your affiliate links or pitch them your offer. Use only valuable and relevant offers and always provide value.

If you already have a Facebook group and are working on its growth, check out our recent post about 5 proven steps which will let you grow your Facebook group fast.

5. Leverage Organic Traffic From Pinterest

Don’t underestimate Pinterest! I was truly surprised to learn that there are around 250 million active users on Pinterest monthly. It’s a big audience at your disposal — so, why not to use it?

Create pins and boards that are topical and relevant to one another. When your pins or boards go viral, that’s when the real magic starts happening. As always, don’t get discouraged if you won’t get a lot of views in the beginning. Keep at it and you’ll be rewarded for your effort.

6. Use The Power Of Instagram

Use Instagram’s huge power – hashtags – to drive organic traffic to your offer. Find relevant hashtags that match your niche or offers and post valuable content using them. The frequency and consistency are very important, therefore create a content plan with a minimum of two postings per day. Such a plan will save you from a headache and eternal question “What to write/post about?”. You can also use apps like Buffer or Tailwind to schedule your postings upfront for a particular time when your audience is most active and post them directly to Instagram.

7. Start Doing Instagram or Facebook Lives To Increase Organic Traffic

I call Instagram and Facebook lives a lite version of YouTube videos as they don’t require that much effort and time. Lives are another effective way to drive organic traffic to your offers. People just love to interact with live content! So, use it to develop a relationship with your audience and later promote them your offers.

As you see, there are a lot of ways to drive organic traffic to your offer. As long as you’re consistent, and you take the approach of a sincere desire to help others, you can drive interest and traffic to your offers, websites, and funnels with ease. It all starts with having that audience. Nurture and grow it over time. Go ahead and crush it!