3 Reasons Why You Should Create A Facebook Group

Social Engagement

If you’re an entrepreneur or a business owner, you’ve probably thought about the creation of a Facebook page or you already own one. Usually, a Facebook page is expected to be a goldmine of engagement with your audience, organic traffic to your website and conversions. While, in fact, it becomes a digital business card of your company. What you indeed need is a Facebook group.

I’m not saying that a Facebook page is useless for you especially if it’s built as a sales funnel. It’ll serve as a touchpoint for your potential customers and drive them to your website or other offers. Having a Facebook page will let you run ads and get reviews for your business, which are of enormous value.

So, here are the reasons why you should consider creating a Facebook group if you still don’t have one.

1. Better engagement with your audience

Your Facebook group focuses on the community of your customers. When you post on your page, your post reaches only around 10% of the people who liked your page and are following you. In the group, your content pops up and stays in the feed for all the members to easily see and engage with it.

Moreover, groups naturally invite more frequent interaction and discussions, because that’s what they’re meant for. Your audience feels more comfortable to ask questions and share insights in the group than comment posts on your page.

By answering the questions of your customers, encouraging discussions, requesting feedback, providing valuable content and making live videos, you can build a personal bond with them and build their loyalty to your company.

If you already have a Facebook group and want to achieve better results by increasing the reach and your audience’ engagement, our free Facebook growth checklist will show you 13 simple steps you need to start doing.

2. Receive Immediate Feedback From Your Facebook Group Members

Your group is an excellent source of immediate feedback, so take the benefit of it. By creating a poll in your group, you can receive feedback on any subject matter you might have.

Imagine you want to make a rebranding of your logo or launch your product with a new design. Your team members come up with the design variants, and you may even like them. As always, it’s not about what you like but what your customers like and would buy. Therefore, it makes sense to ask for their opinion. And Facebook polls give you such an opportunity.

Furthermore, you can ask your audience what they expect to get or learn while being a member of your Facebook group, what content they want to see. Based on that, you’ll be able to create your content plan and be sure that what you’re posting resonates with your audience.

3. Promote Offers

While you already know the interests and preferences of your Facebook group members, it makes them a highly targeted audience to present the offer to when that time comes.

You can announce and promote releases of your new products, present affiliate products that are relevant to your audience. If you’re curious, how you can monetize your Facebook group further, check my post where I can talk about building your income with the help of a Facebook group.

To sum it up, managing a Facebook group has enough advantages for you as an entrepreneur. Although, don’t forget that it’s, first of all, about your audience and value you provide to it. If you build the trustworthy relationship with your group members and not only pitch them, your group will grow and bring you all the benefits.