3 Motives That Make People Buy

Customer At The Cashier Desk

Every entrepreneur and business want to know what in general makes people buy and what in particular makes their customers tick. Figuring this out though can be challenging as we all are different. We have our own likes, dislikes, motivation, reasons, and goals. That’s why there is no ultimate pattern which would fit everyone. Check out a few principles of consumer behavior that may improve your selling strategy.

1. Long-term and short-term perspective

There’re two different ways of looking at purchases: looking at the long term and short term benefits of the purchase. The people who are only learning about your product are only touching the ground and aren’t ready to buy yet. They are thinking about the long term benefits of the purchase and only planning to buy.

Other people want to buy right now and want quick satisfaction from the purchase. They’re ready to act and you should use this impulse. Your selling strategy should cover both types of customers. It should encourage those people who are ready to buy your product immediately, take action. On the other hand, it should persuade potential customers who only plan to purchase, do this.

2. People Buy To Cover Their Basic Needs

Every person who wants to buy something is pursuing one of three basic needs: wealth, health, and relationship. Thus, businesses should base their products on one of those areas and solve customer problems in those niches.

Think about what problem your product solves and which niche it fits. Within every area, you can submarkets and narrow your offer down to one of them. For example, in health, there are submarkets like weight loss, nutrition, supplements and so on.

Now, focus on one submarket and make an irresistible offer for people to buy. You should stand out from the competitors by offering something that will solve problems of your potential customers and differentiate you from competitors.

3. People Want To Avoid Loss When They Buy

One thing that most of us hate is losing money while we’re buying something. That’s why we usually consider if the purchase will actually worth the amount you should pay to acquire the desired object. Some people indeed use a rational approach and decide not to buy. This is sometimes called “loss aversion” – we want to avoid a loss and are ready to make some sacrifices.

You can ease the “pain” of making a decision about a purchase for your customers by applying some hints that will help them perceive the price of the product lower.

When looking at the motives that make people buy, you can get a good sense of what drives your customers. The factors discussed above are only the tip of the iceberg. There’s the way more to discover if you want to dive deeper. Luckily, ClickFunnels helps to leverage buyer psychology when helping you create your sales funnel.

If you want to learn more about buyers psychology and how to build your sales funnel in the way it makes people buy your product or service, check out One Funnel Away challenge where you’ll learn this within 30 days.

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