#1 Secret To Sell Anything Online

Sell Online

Like any other online business, you should be working towards getting a constant stream of leads and sales. There are so many ways you can achieve it. However, the #1 secret to selling anything online comes to the simple concept of “hook, story, and offer”. These three components supplement each other and, in most cases, your sales process won’t work if one of them is missing.

Why do they work only together and in that exact order they are mentioned? First, a hook grabs the attention of your prospects. Then a story builds a rapport and trust between you and your audience. The story may also help to crush their false beliefs and build new ones. After you share your story, you’re good to make an irresistible offer to your audience they will most likely to buy.

This principle applies to anything you’re doing to sell your product or service online. Starting from ad campaigns to your sales copy or webinar script. Now, let’s get into more detail about every part of this concept.

Place Your Hooks Everywhere

The main goal of a hook is to catch people attention. It basically serves the purpose to interrupt people from their regular activities (scrolling the newsfeed, browsing, reading, etc.) and to direct their attention to you. Remember those times when you’re scrolling through Instagram or Facebook and then something gets your attention? It may be a nice looking picture, a video, or a text that evoke your interest and make you click and learn more about the topic. Those are examples of hooks.

If you’re selling online your hooks should be a part of all your interactions with the audience. All your social media posts, emails, and their subject lines, sales pages and so on need to be filled with hooks. Otherwise, your message won’t cause curiosity and people won’t interact with your content and get to know your story.

Tell A Story To Sell Online

After you you managed to catch people’s attention you should work on retaining it. The great and effective way to do this is to tell them a story. A story gives you a chance to build a closer relationship with your audience and help them relate to you. Remember, people buy things emotionally and only after that justify the purchase with logical reasoning. That’s why your story is so important! It helps people to connect with you on an emotional level making them more willing to buy.

You may place your story on different spots. In ads, it’ll usually the text where you’re telling people your story. On the sales page, it’s a sales letter or a video.

A great help in storytelling is the Epiphany Bridge Script which helps you to get your story in the right order. It ensures that your story structured the way it’ll cause an epiphany or the same emotions you experienced when you went through the events in your life you’re talking about. Not only will your audience listen to you attentively but also go through the same journey.

You may read more about the structure of the Epiphany Bridge Script in one of our recent blog post. Although if you want to dive deeper, grab yourself a copy of an “Expert Secrets” book by Russell Brunson. Russell shares more details about this script along with amazing examples on how to apply it.

Sell Your Offer To Your Audience

If you’ve got a great hook and story in place you’ve already done preliminary work to sell your product or service online. Remember, all the components in the “hook, story, offer” concept are crucial. Therefore, you should pull together an irresistible offer for your audience.

Even if your hook and story aren’t the best quality but your offer is just amazing, people will buy. Nevertheless, if all three parts are considered and great you’ll be able to sell even more online.

To create an irresistible offer for your audience make sure you’re selling something that your audience needs and that will provide value for them. The offer shouldn’t include only one product. Bundle some of your products or services together to cover all the needs of your audience.

If you’re currently working on the creation of your offer we’re encouraging you to take the One Funnel Away Challenge. It’s a 30-day training from top marketers who will guide you step-by-step through the whole process of the creation of your offer, story, and hooks.

 To sum it up, if your attempts to sell products or services online don’t bring desired results try to apply the concept of the “hook, story, offer”. Hook your potential customers with something that may be interesting to them. Then tell them a story to develop a closer relationship and trust. Only after that, present them your offer.