The Best Affiliate Program In 2021

Affiliate Program

In this article, we’re going to talk about one of the best affiliate programs out there to promote in 2021, how much you can earn in commissions, and what advantages you can get by promoting this program.

Affiliate marketing is one of the popular ways of earning money online. Simply put, it’s the promotion of other people’s or company’s products and earning commissions from the sales.

It means you can make up to 40% in commissions by selling someone else’s product without taking care of the inventory, delivery, customer support and so on. No wonder, that affiliate marketing became a lucrative business model especially if you’re just starting online.

Although to make this undertaking you need to choose wisely affiliate products you’re going to promote. The best option is to focus on affiliate programs with a recurring subscription because this way, you’ll also get recurring commissions.

That makes ClickFunnels the best affiliate program in 2021! ClickFunnels offers recurring commissions to its affiliates as long as a user who subscribed through an affiliate link is using the software.

Simply put, ClickFunnels is a drag-and-drop sales funnel and website builder. It allows its users to create high-converting sales funnels with order forms, upsells, downsells, membership areas and more. It also has a built-in email autoresponder system Followup Funnels to handle your email campaigns.

1. ClickFunnels offers the best affiliate program with 40% recurring affiliate commission.

ClickFunnels offers two basic subscription plans for its users. They will cost $97/month and $297/month for users and will bring up to 40% recurring commissions to affiliates. Thus, affiliates earn up to $38.80 per month from the smaller plan and $118.80 per month from the higher tier subscription.

Affiliates get the commission as long as the customer continues to use and pay for their account. Those commissions can really sum up into a nice monthly amount of your passive income.

2. “Sticky cookies” to track your affiliate commissions

Another nice thing that makes ClickFunnels program the best affiliate program in 2020 is “sticky cookies”. These cookies help you earn more and make sure that you get your commission.

When somebody clicks on and use your affiliate link with a ClickFunnels product a “sticky cookie” will be applied to them. Thus, if they didn’t buy the product the sticky cookie will track their future purchases and credit them to you. So, as long as the cookie hasn’t been deleted or overwritten by other affiliate’s cookie, you’ll make a commission on the purchase! That means, the last affiliate link click by the prospect that directly leads to purchase will be used to assign credit for that sell.

Moreover, as an affiliate, you may promote not only the software itself but other products of the company. They are best-selling books by Russell Brunson like DotCom Secrets or Expert Secrets, online courses like the One Funnel Away Challenge and other product launches.

Affiliates get a one-time $100 commission if they bring somebody to One Funnel Away Challenge. If they sell a book the commission will be only a couple of dollars. Although the commissions for the book bundles prospects encounter in upsell, can sum up pretty well. On the screenshot, you see an example of the commission for selling a bundle of books.

ClickFunnels affiliate program's product

Therefore, everyone whom you referred to ClickFunnels, is tagged with your sticky cookie. When they buy other affiliate products you still receive commissions on the purchase. The same principle works in the opposite way. If somebody bought a ClickFunnels’ product from your affiliate link first and then decided to get an account, you’ll still get recurring commissions.

3. Use sales funnels to promote your affiliate products

While ClickFunnels is meant for building sales funnels, you can use the software to create funnels for your own products as well as for affiliate products.

ClickFunnels even created a FREE training for the affiliates! You can learn from the top affiliates how they reached their success.

Although, if you’re ready to take action today without any additional training, you may sign up for the affiliate program right now.

All this makes ClickFunnels a great product to promote with the best affiliate program. It pays good commissions and makes it easy to earn.

Best Affiliate Program To Promote In 2020 F.A.Q

What are the highest paying affiliate programs?

ClickFunnels offers one of the highest paying affiliate programs out there. First of all, they offer up to 40% recurring commissions as long as a referred user is using the software. On top of this, they have high tier products with a nice one-time commission. ClickFunnels also offers a lot of complementary products (as the One Funnel Away Challenge, Affiliate Bootcamp, books, and so on) that you can promote along with the software and earn commissions for this.

Can you really make money with affiliate programs?

You definitely, can make money with affiliate programs. You just need to choose affiliate programs that offer high and, preferably, recurring commissions. ClickFunnels is one of the examples.
They offer up to 40% recurring commissions as long as a referred user is using the software, and a lot of other complementary products you can promote.
To learn more what you need to start earning commissions with affiliate programs check out our video.

What is the best affiliate marketing program for beginners?

ClickFunnels is the best affiliate program for beginners. Not only do they offer up to 40% recurring commissions as long as a referred user is using the software, but also a free value-packed training for their affiliates. This training is a series of interviews from the most successful ClickFunnels’ affiliates where they share what they did to succeed. So, even if you’re just starting, you’ll have a game-plan laid out for you and great products to promote.

What's a good affiliate commission rate?

You should focus on affiliate programs that are paying up to 50% in commissions, preferably recurring. This way, it can sum up to a nice amount of passive income every month or high one-time payments.
For example, ClickFunnels is offering an affiliate program with such kind of commissions.