Way To Success – Progress Report #10

Desk table with laptop

Sunday is traditionally the day of the progress report and so to say flashback to the previous week. It’s a progress report #10 which means that I started publishing my daily posts 10 weeks ago while going through the second week of One Funnel Away challenge. And we actually started our way with Clickfunnels around 12 weeks ago. We’re still not as close as to our goal as we want to be but the results show that we’re on the right way.

Facebook Activities

It was all about Facebook during this week because OFA challenge started and we focus on being active in the group. The main purpose is to help people in the group sharing our knowledge and experience with. Also, it’s nice to make new connections with the like-minded people and entrepreneurs couple as we can relate more to each other. Of course, if some of the people appreciate our help and decide to sign up to Clickfunnels through our affiliate link, we won’t mind. Although, getting a bunch of new connections would also be a valuable output from the challenge.

Christian managed to get restricted from commenting in Facebook groups besides our own because he was too active. That’s why I had to undertake this and be more active in the OFA group. As always, you can always look at the events from a different perspective. Instead of being sad, that he can’t be active in the group (although it’s crucial with OFA now), Christian used the freed up time to record video tutorials.

Also, a lot of people from OFA challenge join our Facebook group. While last Sunday we celebrated reaching 100 members, for now, the group already has 149 members. That means we had almost 50% growth within one week. Our goal, for now, is to reach 500 members in the group so that it is promoted in the suggested groups.

We didn’t make any affiliate sales this week which is sad but also natural. As we were focused on promoting OFA challenge which now started, the sales drop down. The next challenge starts at the beginning of August. So, we have time to focus on launching our course and also promote the challenge during this time.

Progress On Social Media

On Pinterest, the amount of monthly views is constantly growing. Last week we had an increase of 25-30% and reached 334 monthly views. It’s not much it makes me happy to see that the number is increasing every day. I keep creating new pins regularly and plan to try Tailwind which is highly recommended for Pinterest by a lot of users.

Moreover, the amount of views for my posts and the progress on our WordPress blog is encouraging. In comparison to Medium, where my posts aren’t shown to a lot of people because of Medium paywall and therefore get only a few views, getting 10-20 views for what I’m publishing in the blog feels great.

Christian got 8 new subscribers on his YouTube channel but a small decrease in the watch time. People see the videos in the search results but don’t click on them often enough. That may mean they don’t like the headlines or the thumbnails aren’t too catchy. We’ll need to figure it out.

Yesterday evening we launched Facebook ads campaign (yeah, my favorite Facebook ads) for the “Followup Automation” course. It’s still early to talk about the results so I’ll write about this next Sunday.

Dealing with Facebook ads is frustrating for me for now. We’re still learning and trying to figure out the best ways to target our ideal customers, to create attractive graphics and headlines. But I’m sure that with every our attempt we become better and at some point we’re going to crack it.

That was all for the last week. Stay tuned and follow us on our entrepreneurial journey!