Passive Income With Affiliate Marketing – Progress Report #16

Passive income with affiliate marketing

As always on Sundays, let me sum up what we were doing during the week and what our results are. Let’s start with the passive income from affiliate marketing commissions!

It feels great that our publishing efforts start paying off and we’re building truly passive income with the affiliate marketing! Four days in a row we woke up and saw sales of the affiliate products that came from our videos or blog posts. While other affiliates may have better results in the same timeframe, we’ve put in a lot of effort into things we knew would be long-term measures to real passive income! Exactly 116 days ago, during our first One Funnel Away Challenge, Christian and I committed to publishing daily. Since then I wrote 100+ blog posts in the blog and Christian recorded 140+ videos on YouTube. We knew that it’d take some time before the content starts ranking and gains traction. But from the moment it gets nice ranking, it’ll work 24/7 to bring passive income from the affiliate marketing. If you want to know more about HOW we are doing it, join our Facebook group for tips and useful information.

Social Media Platforms As A Source Of Your Passive Income With Affiliate Marketing

We got 9 new subscribers for our YouTube channel and a 28% increase in views within the last week. Christian currently puts more effort into the creation of the proper descriptions and thumbnails for the video. Obviously, it brings better results as videos started ranking better and the click-through rate improved. That’s one of the ways to earn passive income with affiliate marketing. The more qualitative content you create, the better it ranks, the more people view it and buy.

Our Pinterest engagement grew to 8.1K monthly viewers (+1.3K from last Sunday) and 309 followers. Although we don’t get any sales from Pinterest for now, I believe that this platform also has the potential to bring passive income with affiliate marketing. Therefore, I keep putting effort and pin on a daily basis.

During this week our Funnel Circle group grew to 250 members! That’s pleasant to see the group and the engagement of the members growing. Christian is doing Facebook Lives with Q&A sessions twice per week to interact more with the group members and help them on spot by answering their questions.

What small wins and achievements did you have during this week? Share in comments!