Overcoming Time Objections In Sales

Overcoming Objections In Sales

Sometimes when you’re about to close a sale, you may hear from your prospect “I need to think about it” or “Let me think and get back to you”. These are traditional examples of delaying or time objections that you need to learn to overcome to get better results in sales.

Usually, there are two reasons for such objections. Either the prospect is considering your offer but needs more time to do some research or comparison before he/she buys, or they aren’t going to buy from you and just want to get rid of you.

In the latter case, your chance of closing the sale is lower than in the former one. If the prospect isn’t interested you’ll just waste your time trying to persuade him/her. Therefore, the most important step towards overcoming time objections in sales is finding out if the prospect is even considering purchasing from you.

Get More Information To Overcome Objections

To figure out the real motive, you’ll need to get more information from your prospect. The best way to do so is to ask directly.

You can say something like, “Sure! Can you tell me a little more about what’s holding you back?”. Your prospect may then admit that he needs to get approval from the boss or take a look at what competitors offer. If you don’t get any explanation, that’s a warning sign that your prospect may simply be uninterested.

In other cases, the prospect may also feel that he/she lacks information to make a decision. So, after finding that out, you may on spot answer all questions that were left and overcome the time objections.

For example, a prospect may want to check your product’s reviews or testimonials from your customers. If you can get him/her to share that with you, you can easily send them a few testimonials or even ask existing clients to share their feedback about your product.

Setting Up A Deadline

If you don’t manage to get more details from your prospect, try to set up a deadline. For example, you can offer to talk next week and check if the prospect is ready to proceed. Moreover, you can immediately offer to schedule a call for a particular day and time (we love to use Calendly for call scheduling).

A prospect who refuses to set up a follow-up conversation is not really serious about proceeding further. On the other hand, if the prospect agrees to schedule another chat, you have a high chance of closing the sale.

What you definitely should NOT do is trying to push your prospect. A time objection in sales is the prospect’s way of asking to let him/her think about the decision. They may just want to think everything through or gather more information before making the final decision about the purchase.

If you try to push the prospect, you’ll only make him/her feel uncomfortable. In case, your prospect isn’t interested in your offer your insistence will just persuade them not to buy from you. It’s much better to be not pushy and overcome the time objections using the above-mentioned techniques to close the sale.

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