How To Track Affiliate Links Like A Pro

How To Track Affiliate Links

Link tracking allows marketers to manage their efforts more effectively. For affiliates, it’s crucial to devote some time to learn how to track their affiliate links accurately.

Moreover, the sooner you set up proper tracking for your links, the better it is for your results. You’ll have an understanding of which activities and platforms provide the most output, bring the most traffic.

If you don’t track your affiliate links, then you won’t know which blog post, Facebook post or Youtube video is the one making you affiliate commissions.

On the other hand, if you have the information about link clicks available, you can see which pieces of content perform best on specific platforms.

For example, if you don’t get clicks on the links in your blog post, you may consider adjusting it. Or you may decide to put more effort into your Youtube channel if this platform brings you more traffic and affiliate sales.

Without the knowledge on how to track your affiliate links, you’re basically steering your ship blindly.

What Tools To Use To Track Your Affiliate Links

You can find a lot of link tracking software out there. Some of the tools are even free.

One of the most popular tools is, which is primarily a link shortener but can also provide you with some links’ performance metrics.

But in this article, we want to talk about our favorite, ClickMagick, which outperforms in a lot of aspects. So, how to track your affiliate links with ClickMagick and why it’s the best tool you can use for it!

We consider ClickMagick one of the essentials in our toolbox. It provides you with detailed information on:

  • where clicks on your affiliate links come from
  • Sub-IDs (if you defined them)
  • if clicks are unique
  • IP address of the device
  • from what country
  • what browser, platform, and device was used
  • timestamp

Let’s see which of these data are the most important for affiliates!

How to track affiliate links with ClickMagick

Track Your Affiliate Links With Sub-IDs

Sub-IDs in ClickMagick can be any text that you add to your affiliate link.

When you look at the clicks’ report you’ll be able to see sub-IDs you added to your link and get more information about a traffic source.

ClickMagick lets you add up to five sub-IDs so you can have as many data about the link as possible.

Why would you want to add sub-IDs to your links? Simply because they’ll help you to identify which of your links perform the best, and where the clicks come from.

Have a look at our ClickMagick dashboard! Here’s how the report for our affiliate link to the free 14-day ClickFunnels trial looks like.

How to use sub-IDs in ClickMagick

Because we added sub-IDs to track our affiliate links, we now see additional information about the source of traffic.

Based on the information from sub-IDs, we see that we got that click from our Homepage (sub-ID 1: Homepage).

But that’s not all the information we can extract! Other parameters show us that the click happened on the Books page (sub-ID 2: Books) and on the link which we placed in the Footer. (sub-ID 3: Footer).

Do you see how this gives you an ability to track your affiliate links in a more advanced way? Using sub-IDs in ClickMagick, you can estimate how well all your traffic sources are performing, and what you need to change.

Whenever you include your affiliate link in a blog or social media post, Youtube video description, or any other place, you just need to append different sub-IDs to it by adding a slash and a sub-ID.

Here’s how we’d use sub-IDs to track our affiliate links to a free ClickFunnels trial:

In a blog post, we’d use this link:
On the Homepage, we’d use different sub-ID:

We can get even more detailed and add different sub-ID for every blog post and every affiliate link in the post itself.

This way the link below would be for a CTA button in our blog post with ID 3459:

Now think about the tool mentioned above. If you wanted to organize your links the same way, you’d have to create a new link for every variation. That’s by far not efficient!

But with ClickMagick, you just need to create one tracking link and add sub-IDs to it to get the information on where the link is used.

That’s one of the biggest advantages of ClickMagick and the most efficient way of how to track affiliate links.

By knowing exactly what links get clicks and therefore lead to sales, you’ll understand what exactly you need to adjust in your affiliate marketing efforts to improve results.

Final Thoughts

If you know how to track your affiliate links properly, your marketing efforts will bring better results. One of the best ways to set up your link tracking is to use ClickMagick software.

ClickMagick has a lot of other great features, but the one we showed in the article, is probably the most widespread.

If you’re curious about what other possibilities this tool offers, check out our ClickMagick review.

Share in the comments if you’re tracking links and what tool you’re using for it!

How To Track Affiliate Links F.A.Q

How to create a tracking link?

We recommend using ClickMagick software to create a tracking link. This tool lets you not only shorten your link but track such information as to where clicks on your link come from, if they’re unique, IP address of the device, what browser, platform, and device was used, and so on. Moreover, you can add sub-IDs to your links to get even more insights on the link performance.

How to shorten URL?

You can easily shorten your URL with the help of ClickMagick. In comparison to other tools, like or TinyURL, ClickMagick also provides you with detailed information on the performance of your links.

What is a tracking link?

tracking link is a normal URL with tags appended to the end. Tracking links let you learn where clicks come from so you can adjust your marketing effort respectively. We recommend using ClickMagick software to create tracking links. ClickMagick provides you with detailed information on the performance of your links.

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